Friday, September 25, 2009

This is terrible.

This is terrible, what an awful class. The professor is standing there, lecturing, but nothing is coming out.
This is not to say he is silent, rather, he has not stopped talking. He needs to learn which words are worthy. He has told us nothing new, nothing interesting. It's like listening to a comedian commenting on love, sex, and marriage, except without the comedy.
I have been meaning to add to this blog, but I didn't know what. I have plenty to write about, but I want to make sure not to insult, not to make people uncomfortable.
Soon enough.
Soon enough I will begin to write what I really come here to write, but not yet. I need to warm up. You need to warm up. I need to learn how to put my thoughts into an order that you can understand. I write in a way that most levels of education can comprehend. My thoughts, my theories have yet to fall in line.
I had a failed letter writing project over the summer (I will write about it in detail some other time). Failed may not be the right word. I wanted to learn from it, and I did. I just didn't like what I had learned.
I will use that information for this blog. I don't want to overwhelm you just yet. If I do, nothing will make sense. For now, maybe I'll write a few stories, talk about my day. Thanks to this professor, I now have the time to.
Soon enough, though.

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