Friday, December 4, 2009

What's a tie?

Ties, not even, neck ties. I have been thinking about neck ties. Yes I have. I have worn a tie many times in my life. I am disappointed that it took so long for myself to ask the question, “Why am I knotting this colored piece of fabric around my neck?”
We wear these ties to events, places where we are required to be at our “best.”
I don’t understand how such a fashion has not only lasted so long, but has become a requirement.
What the fuck is a tie?
This thing serves no logical function, and yet to be honest every now and then I will choose to put one on because it pleases my eye.
It is obvious that there is a focus on the unnecessary, the insignificant in this place we live. We know what celebrity has dyed their hair. We know who has won what award. We forget that our senses were given to help us function, we have taken them much further.
For me, a tie sums up all of this. There is no purpose to them other then a tradition starting in ascots.
What is interesting is, I say this knowing I will wear a tie again, and probably sometime soon. I will want to wear a tie; I just wish I knew why.

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