Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letter From a Hero.

Dear People,
First, let me start off by expressing my appreciation for your desire to meet with myself and know who I am. I apologize for not seeing to any of your requests. I feel in my heart it is the right thing to do. Please don’t take my decision to remain anonymous as a sign of being contemptuous. Rather, it is because I hold every single one of you in the highest regards.
If you would, I would like to explain my anonymity. Earlier today a young girl by the name of Lori accidentally fell into the water of the Upper Bay while riding from Staten Island to Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry. Due to the temperature of the water and the wake of the ferry, Lori became unable to stay afloat. I went in after her.
Upon returning with Lori to the ferry, multiple people began applauding, including the young girls mother. As I left, those who had witnessed the event stopped to thank me for saving Lori’s life… Similar situations have occurred multiple times.
I do not wish to be thanked.
It seems to me that the majority of the population celebrates the success of our individuals. Though I do not disagree with this practice, I believe more focus should be made on the affect of the group.
I am part of a whole. The countless individuals who have influenced myself in ways I do and do not know determine my actions. Your gratitude disregards all those, including yourselves. I thank you for making me who I am. You are responsible for creating me and I am responsible for creating you. We are responsible for one another. Without you, I could have not saved anyone’s lives.
I hope you now understand why I desire to go unknown. We are all heroes. We are all villains. No one individual can be completely responsible for any one action. We are all to thank and blame.

Please, take my anonymity as a symbol of this lesson. Act accordingly.


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